13 Keto Diet Tips to Help You Get Results Faster

Are you having trouble losing weight?

With obesity being a big issue nowadays, it’s normal for you to want to go on a diet. You’re not alone in this journey of self-improvement as 45 million people go on a diet every year, too. We realize this, too, and it’s our goal to help everyone achieve their goal of losing weight.

The best way to do this is through the keto diet. The only issue with the diet is that there are always breakthroughs leading to new keto diet tips. We’re here to ensure that you and the other 20% of adults suffering from obesity receive the best and most trustworthy tips.

Read on to learn how you can get results faster through the keto diet. These tips will help you learn why the keto diet is as effective as it is.

1. Clean Your Cupboard and Fridge

The most important step to take when starting with the keto diet is to clean up. Removing all temptations is essential since most beginners have trouble sticking to the diet when they start. Which foods should you get rid of, though?

The keto diet restricts the intake of carbohydrates. This means you need to get rid of any food that are good sources of carbs. Any wheat food item like bread and donuts should be the first ones to go.

Pasta and beer should also go since they’re based on wheat flours. Grains like rice are also on the list. Even potatoes and sugars are sources of carbohydrates, and should also get removed.

Don’t mistake your sugar-free sodas and artificial sweeteners for exceptions in the diet, too. They still provide excessive amounts of carbohydrates that can ruin your diet.

2. Start Slow

You can’t expect your body to adapt to a big change in your diet in an instant. The change can be too drastic for some people that they’ll feel faint during the day. The best way to help your body through the change is to take it slow.

A gradual reduction is a great way to ensure you don’t suffer from carb-withdrawal. This involves consuming fewer amounts of carbohydrates throughout 2 weeks. By the time the period passes, your body will be ready for the keto diet.

This is a great plan to follow if you’re accustomed to eating carbs and processed foods. An excellent way to go about this is by replacing your carbohydrates with keto alternatives. What’s great is that there are tons of veggie-replacements for things like pasta and rice in stores.

3. Prepare Your Meals Each Week

A great way to manage your meal list while on the diet is to prepare batches of meals at a time. Doing this reduces the time you spend on thinking of recipes throughout your diet. It helps you stick to your diet as less time spent making dishes means less time spent hungry.

Doing this also helps you with portion control. A good way to enforce this is by buying everything that you need for the week. Splitting these into different dishes helps you control your portions and prevent over-eating.

It’s also better to do this on a weekend. This ensures that you have enough time to prepare and cook your meals for the week. Doing this also leaves you with more time to prepare for the first week of keto.

4. Prepare Yourself for Keto Flu

Keto flu is a condition that most people feel when they’re starting keto for the first time. A person with keto flu feels like they’re experiencing flu-like symptoms. This comes with fatigue, extreme thirst, and even insomnia.

This happens because the body has a sudden withdrawal of carbohydrates. A body accustomed to carbs will look for other it to sustain itself. Finding none, the body goes into a state of shock and self-preservation, thus the fatigue and thirst.

What’s great is that you can prepare against keto flu. You can counteract this by ingesting keto foods to replace carbs. Bone broths, avocados, and pickles can cover for what your body is looking for during this phase.

If you’re experiencing this, it means that the keto diet is working for you. This is a telltale sign that you’re halfway into ketosis. All you need to do is get through this and you’ll feel more positive effects soon.

What Is Ketosis?

Ketosis is the ultimate goal of the keto diet. This is a state of your body where it will start burning fat to use as a fuel source for your body. This results in a faster weight-loss plan if combined with exercise.

5. Keep Your Body Active and Moving

Once your body gets used to the diet, it’s a good idea to keep yourself moving and exercise. Your goal is to lose weight as fast as you can, right? It only makes sense to hurry the process along with the help of exercise.

Most people have doubts about exercising because of certain keto myths from before. All you need to know is that you can adapt your diet to keep up with your body’s demand for fuel.

What to Fuel Your Body With While Working Out

If you’re looking to build muscle mass, the best way to do it is by stocking on protein. Eating chicken, beef, or salmon is a good way to keep your body lean while working out. You can also add some fat in the mix by eating pork and seafood.

Eggs are your best friends in this diet as they give you fat to burn and fuel your body. They also give lots of protein for your muscle-building purposes.

6. Consider Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is among the easier keto diet tips to pull off. This is because it provides a window for the individual to be more relaxed with their timetable. This is thanks to the number of methods for one to pull off intermittent fasting.

This works well with the keto diet because hunger management is a key element of the diet. Intermittent fasting gives dieters choices among the different methods of fasting. What’s great is that regardless of which method they go for, the results will always be the same.

This means that you can choose a plan that your body is comfortable with. Doing this makes it easier for you to lose weight faster with the diet.

7. Create a Stress-Free Environment

Stress is your enemy when you’re undergoing the keto diet. This is because stress hormones raise your blood sugar levels. This will cause your body to take longer to reach ketosis.

It also prevents you from losing as much weight as you would like while you’re on the diet. Stress also takes a toll on your mental well being. This is often the reason for most people to give in to temptations and fail their diets.

A great way to become stress-free is to manage your time and tasks well. Sleeping a full night’s sleep is also a great way to keep yourself free from it.

8. Add More Salt to Your Diet

Salt plays a big role in your body’s chemical balance while it’s undergoing ketosis. Having carbs in your diet makes it easier for your body to hold onto sodium. This is because it helps spike up the insulin production in your body.

Without carbohydrates in your diet, your body will excrete too much sodium. It won’t produce as much insulin to regulate the sodium. You can promote natural insulin production by adding salt to your diet.

Adding 3-5 grams of salt to your meals during ketosis should help you balance your electrolytes. You can also incorporate Himalayan sea salt to your diet for extra minerals.

9. Drink Lots of Water

This is among the most essential steps when doing the keto diet. Keeping yourself hydrated is a must when your body is undergoing ketosis. This is because you’re more likely to sweat and excrete more water during ketosis.

This is also important since you’ll increase your salt intake, too, as mentioned above. Increased salt intake will also increase your body’s demand for water. It’s easy for you to become dehydrated with more salt in your body.

Most people think that drinking 8 glasses of water is enough. It may be enough for some, but larger people will need more to sustain themselves. You should drink as much as you lose from sweating and more to maintain a good hydration level.

10. Improve Your Stomach’s Health

Your stomach’s health is important to keep the rest of your well being in top shape. Having a healthy stomach means more flexibility for your metabolism. This means that your stomach can process fats for energy as well as it can process carbohydrates.

It’s important for the first few days of keto. This is when your body will have the most trouble adjusting to using fats as a fuel source. What’s great is that having a high-fat diet also promotes stomach health.

It does so by coating your stomach in a protective layer of fat. It helps prevent sicknesses like ulcers and hyperacidity.

11. Don’t Get Discouraged

What’s important is that you should stay strong and stick to the diet. Some people get discouraged because they’re not getting the same results as with a friend who started at the same time they did. This causes them to have a lapse in their willpower and give in to temptations.

You must recognize that everyone goes at a different pace in the diet. What works for your friends will also work for you. It may take a while longer, but you will reach that point, too.

Their bodies may have undergone ketosis faster than yours. Their previous diet may have affected how fast they reached it now.

12. Use Supplements to Aid Your Diet

There are some supplements for you to use to aid in the keto diet. MCT is a popular option and will help your body go through ketosis faster. It can do this even if your body’s glycogen storages aren’t empty.

These storages are where your body gets its fuel. As long as it has a stock of carbohydrates, you won’t reach ketosis.

MCT gets metabolized into ketone bodies and used as fuel instead of getting digested. This will help you have enough fuel for any workout you’re planning even before ketosis.

13. Keep Snacks at the Ready

While doing the keto diet, the main goal is to prevent your body from stocking up on carbs. This can be tough for beginners since they will feel hungrier faster during the first few days of keto. To help stick to the diet, you can prepare keto snacks to help tide you over. 

It’s a great way to ensure you don’t ingest carbohydrates out of sheer hunger. It also helps prevent you from breaking the diet and indulging in a big meal later in the day.

Related Questions

Most people still have questions about the finer points of the keto diet. Here are 2 of the most common questions you’ll hear.

Should I Worry About All This Fat I’m Eating?

If you’re worried about gaining more weight than you’re losing, then worry no more. Fat is an essential part of keto as it’s your fuel source in the diet. Your body will burn any fat that your body will store during the diet.

This is also why you shouldn’t worry about it affecting your health. The body burns any excess fat first before it becomes desperate enough to eat away at your muscles. So, don’t get discouraged and continue eating healthy fat while you’re doing keto.

What Should I Do If I Stop Losing Weight?

If you’ve stopped losing weight, it’s because your body deems this as your ideal weight. It won’t burn any more fat for a while until it has no other choice but to burn the rest.

If you still want to lose weight, though, you can decrease your carb intake once again. You can also cut out dairy as they contain more fat than any other food in the diet.

Check Out These Keto Diet Tips Today

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Do you want a more in-depth guide to the keto diet? It’s a complicated process for some people to understand during their first run through. This comprehensive guide for beginners will cover all the bases and leave you knowing all about the diet.

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